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This website has moved.

I planned on updating once I got the website online, but I guess I forgot about this.
https://rihaansfics.com is the place you should be, not here. I'm keeping this website here, 
1 - because it's free, and 
2 - to redirect you to my Network.
Hope to see you there. And if you're looking for my favourites page, try here instead.
One More Time has been completed. Well, technically, it was done on March 8, but hey, gotta give to the paying customers first.Thank you, you beautiful Patrons.

Other than Harry and Harley, this is probably my greatest work yet, and the easiest words have ever come to me. Yes, it may come as a shock that other fandoms come to me easier than a world I've been writing about for eight years. That may change in the future, but I've got some sagas to wrap up. Until then, Commissions are open! Visit my Patreon Page for Details!

March 2016 - You may have noticed that Harry Potter has taken a backseat so far this year, in favor of a more modern retro story. So much in fact, that a generous patron has ensured that the next chapter to come out (other than the OMT updates) will be the next chapter of Harry & Harley - continuing the saga of Harry & Hermione - the Hogwarts pre-veil years.
UPDATE: Chapter now Available on Patreon as of May 1st!

January 2016 - I hope everyone had a good Holiday Break.

I've been busy working on one of the most emotional stories I've ever written. Dedicated to my momma. - One More Time, a Life is Strange Tale.

December 2015 - Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Usually, I give you a gift, but this time, I hope that you decide to return the favor. Please support me on Patreon, and I promise, 2016 will be a hell of a year for my readers. But I need your support.